Research and training grants

PFAStwin will support the development of new solutions for PFAS environmental challenges by awarding small research and training grants. They are mainly intended for researchers from UBFC and for researchers from CSIC and BRGM institutions to work at UBFC, but they will also be advertised to a wider community via social networks to assure that the best proposals are funded. Any research area that is complementary to the project scientific topic will be acceptable. A maximum budget of 4000 € is planned for each grant. Host institution can be UBFC, BRGM and CSIC or any institution of applicant’s choice that is involved in the research area that is complementary to the PFAStwin scientific topic.

Each grantee will be obligated to provide a report on the research/training and hold a lecture about their results at their home institution.

This activity is called "Internal PFAStwin Grassroots Research Initiative: Inspiring Curiosity, Fostering Leadership" and application procedure is announced at news section.