Hands-on seminar

Project PFAStwin is organizing a hands-on seminar called Preparation and Proposal Writing of Horizon Projects. The seminar will be held by Mrs. Željka Dukić, NCP for Twinning Projects in Serbia, Mrs. Tatjana Božić, Head of the Office for International Cooperation at the Faculty of Chemistry and PM of the PFAStwin project and Mr. Ratko Bojović, EUTA. The seminar will be held in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade, 24. February 2023. years starting at 10:00 am and researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry, the Innovation Center of HF, as well as the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy are welcome. We invite you to apply for participation by sending a confirmation letter to: mljesevic@chem.bg.ac.rs