Dr. Fabienne Battaglia-Brunet

Dr. Fabienne BATTAGLIA-BRUNET (54 years old) is a Microbiology Researcher and Project manager in the Geomicrobiology and Environmental Monitoring (GME) Unit of BRGM. She graduated in 1994 with PhD from the Université de Provence (Marseille) in the field of bioleaching "Optimization of the bacterial leaching of a cobalt-bearing pyrite concentrate". In 2010, she graduated as Research Director in the field of "Bacterial microflora of metal- and metalloid-rich environments". From 1994 to 2022, she has been project manager at BRGM. Her main research topics are bacteria taking part in the biotransformation of metals and metalloids; biological treatment of mine waters; biological processes in mine tailings. She coordinated a collaborative network (Action de Recherche Concertée) on the theme of sulfate-reducing bacteria (1997-1999), followed by the European project (V PCRD) MetalBioreduction (1999-2003) to which she participated in the scientific coordination. She was coordinator of the BIBA project (funded by the French Agency for Environment and Research), “Use of specialised microorganisms in reactive barriers” (2003-2006) in partnership with a civil work society, and coordinated the project ASEDMAR funded by French National Research Agency (2008 CESA 003), focused on arsenic in polluted marine sediments. Since 1997, she has mainly focused her research activities on bacterial transformations of arsenic, however she also contributed to a multi-partners project aiming to solve environmental problems associated with PCBs in river sediments. She managed the BRGM research program entitled “Environmental Biogeochemistry” for five years. She recently supervised the contribution of BRGM in the Water JPI project AgriAs “Evaluation and management of arsenic contamination in agricultural soil and water” (2016-2019) and coordinated the ATIM-Hunan project “Attenuation of the Impact of Mining zones in Hunan Region” involving French partners from the Région Centre-Val de Loire and Chinese partners from Changsha. She published 65 articles in international journals. H index: 25.