Dr. Marc Crampon

Dr. Marc CRAMPON (Male, 37 years old), is a researcher in microbiology in the Geomicrobiology and Environmental Monitoring (GME) Unit of BRGM. He obtained in 2015 a PhD from the Université de Rouen in the area of biodegradation and bioaccessibility of PAHs in soils, focusing on the bacterial degradation and impact of biosurfactants on degradation. He entered at BRGM in 2015 as post-doctoral researcher (Carnot funding), within the European FP7 project NanoRem, on the impact of nanoremediation (using zero valent iron nanoparticles nZVI) on PCE dechlorination and on a natural groundwater bacterial community. Since 2017, he is full-time researcher at BRGM, focusing on organic contaminants, microbial degradation and toxicity assessment. He works on several projects dealing with the fate of organic contaminants (PFAS, pesticides, hydrocarbons and industrial contaminants in general) in the environment, and on their (bio)remediation in contaminated soils and groundwater. Focus is made on nature based solutions to increase biodegradation in several environments, especially using (bio)surfactants to increase bioaccessibility, and specific microorganisms able to degrade contaminants. Trace metals are also part of many projects. He is leading some of these projects at BRGM, and is responsible of a part of an experimental platform at BRGM (PRIME platform https://plateformes-pivots.eu/prime/). So far, he published 15 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals (citations during the five years period 2017-2022 = 299, h-index = 8).