WP2 leader

Dr. Ljubodrag Vujisić

Ljubodrag Vujisić is Associate Professor at University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry organizing  various undergraduate and graduate courses of Structural Instrumental Methods, Metabolomics and Chemical Weapons). He finished his Diploma and Magister of Science thesis in field of Phytochemistry, and PhD in 2013 on the study of the defensive secretion chemistry of myriapods. He took six months sabbatical in 2014 at University of Houston in area of Supramolecular organic chemistry (Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry). He was Vice Dean for Science and International Cooperation at UBFC and board member of Innovation Center of the Faculty of Chemistry 2018-2020, UBFC Advisory board member 2017-2018.

Research interests: Chemical analysis of unknowns, chemical weapons, chemical safety and security, chemical ecology, natural product chemistry, food chemistry, food adulteration and various application of metabolomics.

Prof. Vujisić give many scientific and popular talks in country and aboard; gain experience in national and international projects application and implementation, including coordination of three OPCW funded projects: MECWA CIA FCUB project (to improve on-site chemical analysis by innovative new methodology for sample collection, automatization of sample preparation achieving low LoDs for chemical treats in heavy environmental matrixes). Plant Biomarker Challenge: CIA p-LABs project (biomonitoring of plant health under chemical stress by untargeted metabolomics and handhold leaf spectrometry) and Twinning VERIFIN CIA (capacity building of CIA UB-FC by cooperation with VERIFIN Institute). He participates in H2020 and Horizon Europe projects and he is WP2 leader in PFAStwin project.