Project Manager and WP4 leader

Tatjana Božić

Tatjana Bozic is Head of the Office for projects and international cooperation at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry. She has a background in Chemistry and Research Manager Administration.

She supports researchers in project development and proposal writing, analysing the application packages, identifying the necessary application documents, and creating the budget in coordination with the project team leader.

Part of her job is sending information about open calls for proposals in scientific disciplines related to the Scientific Strategy of the UBFC, from basic to applied research, carried out in partnership with higher education institutions and private companies.

She helps in the administrative management of national and internationally funded research projects. Her service is designed to alleviate the administrative burden for academic and research staff involved in funded research projects and to ensure effective financial and administrative project management in parallel with monitoring of the specific projects in accordance with the donors and national laws and regulations. Her hitherto experience includes the knowledge of the rules and requirements of the following programmes: H2020, IPA (CBC, Erasmus+, INTERREG, etc.), Horizon Europe, national funding frameworks (Science Fund, Innovation Fund etc.), to which researchers from Serbia are eligible to apply.